Organisational change & transformation consulting

Organisational change
& transformation consulting

Consulting services for medium to
large organisations in government,
higher education, and not for profit.

My services focus on the people side of change. Organisational change and transformation needs buy-in cross both leadership and employees for it to be lasting and impactful. Human-centred design is vital.

Powered by communications and insight, sustainable change can be achieved. My services include an array of innovative communications tools and resources, which can be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation’s unique situation.

Leadership Coaching
& Mentoring

Change starts with leadership support. I’ll guide and provide your leaders with the necessary skills to inspire their teams and achieve outstanding results.

My leadership coaching and mentoring services include:

  • Leading through change
  • Fostering teamwork
  • Change coaching for sponsors and manager

Change &

Successful transformational change involves winning over the hearts and minds of everyone in the organisation. Strategic thinking is required to ensure change is well planned and implemented properly.

My change and transformation services include:

  • Defining your change vision
  • Building a business case for changeChange strategy and implementation
  • Structure and processes to support ongoing change

& Engagement

Effective communications and engagement focus on open dialogue. I’ll build your change campaigns with a focus on two-way multi-channel communications.

My communications and engagement services include:

  • Change influence campaign
  • Designing effective communications
  • Engaging with influential stakeholders